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Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa’s program, helping provide meals to homebound seniors, is designed to be as simple as possible for everyone.

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Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, Inc. subsidizes meals for three regional subcontracting organizations that handle meal delivery and new client intake. To sign up for Meals on Wheels Services, please contact the organization below that serves your area.

Meals on Wheels West Contra Costa

Meals on Wheels West Contra Costa

Richmond, North Richmond, Point Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, El Sobrante, Crockett, Rodeo Hercules, Port Costa, El Cerrito, & Kensington.
Phone: (510) 412-0166

JSEI logo


Provides Japanese cultural meals to clients in the East Bay area
Phone: (510) 654-4000 ext 105

Meals on Wheels Diablo Region logo

Meals on Wheels Diablo Region

Concord, Martinez, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, Bay Point, Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Byron, Knightsen, Bethel Island, & Discovery Bay.
Phone: (925) 937-8607

Frequently Asked Questions about Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa’s Services

How do I Qualify for Meals on Wheels?

an elderly man in a wheelchair reading a paperThere are only a few requirements you must meet in order to qualify for Meals on Wheels services.

Potential clients must be considered homebound and 60 years of age or older. Qualifying seniors are in great need, whether because of disability, disease, or isolation. They are unable to perform their typical activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). These seniors are unable to purchase or prepare regular nutritious meals for themselves, and have no one else available to do so for them.

There are instances where a spouse or a disabled dependent of the client can also qualify for Meals on Wheels. The disabled dependent does not have to be of a certain age.

Who Are the Seniors Meals on Wheels Serves?
an elderly woman with a walker“Because you helped my mom before she passed. Thank you.” – Meals on Wheels Donor

According to World Population Review, 175,882 seniors live in Contra Costa County.

Most of the seniors that Meals on Wheels serves are between 60-90 years old, with the majority over 80. Unfortunately, this is the population that is most at risk of food scarcity, especially if they are homebound.

In Contra Costa County, our seniors are often isolated, and/or living in rural areas. It is difficult for them to travel the long distances required to buy nutritional foods at reasonable prices. When there are places for them to buy food close by, it’s typically from a gas station or mini market. Food available in these places is often low quality and high in sodium and fat.

Can Someone Sign Up on Behalf of a Loved One?
a young woman helps her grandmother with a documentYes! Many family members sign their elderly loved ones up for Meals on Wheels.

We also receive many referrals from hospitals, social workers, neighbors, and anyone with direct contact with a senior who might need our help

Click on the logos below to contact the appropriate organization serving your area to sign up:

Meals on Wheels West Contra Costa Region logo

Meals on Wheels Diablo Region logo

What is the Entire Process for Signing Up for Meals on Wheels?
an elderly man with a cane on the phoneSigning up for meal delivery is as easy as possible!

Step 1: The Senior or their family member calls into one of three regional partner organizations to determine if they are eligible.

Step 2: An intake form is filled out. Our partners ask a variety of questions to determine the individual’s needs and gather the senior’s history.

Step 3: A welcome packet is sent, which includes all of the delivery dates and times, food safety protocol, and any other pertinent information.

Every three months, our partner organizations provide a quarterly update that includes information about the program. This is a chance for seniors and families to learn more about our program, get updates, volunteer, and much more.

How Else Does Meals on Wheels Help Seniors?
an elderly woman receiving a helping handOnce a senior is signed up with Meals on Wheels, they are not just receiving meals. They are now part of a network of people invested in their well-being.

Each senior will be assigned an Intake Manager from our partner organizations. This Manager is able to help the seniors with everything from mental health services, such as counseling, to specific referrals that help with their quality of life. For example, some seniors could use grip bars throughout their homes for fall prevention. An Intake Manager will help the senior with a referral for grip handles and will follow up with them to make sure they used the referral.

The volunteers delivering the meals are also the eyes and ears of the program. If they notice that a senior is having a hard time, they will relay this information back to the appropriate person! Although the COVID-19 pandemic has limited in-person interaction with our seniors, volunteers from our partner organizations are always available and watching out for our senior clients.

Meals on Wheels has relationships with other nonprofit organizations that can help our seniors stay in their homes. Whether this is helping them qualify for different benefits or help paying a bill, staff is on hand to help them find these resources.

What Do The Meals Cost?
peppers being slicedEach meal for a senior costs approximately $8.00.

The cost of each meal for our senior clients varies! Each meal depends on the raw food costs, the season, and many more factors.

We do ask Meals on Wheels clients to make a small contribution towards the cost of the meals, but only what they can afford. No senior is ever turned away if they can’t afford to help with their meal costs.

Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa helps fund approximately 50% of the total costs to provide these meals to our seniors. In addition to client contributions, the Meals on Wheels program is funded through a variety of resources, including donations and grants.

How Frequently are Meals Delivered?
a woman leaves a package on a porchPre-COVID, Meals on Wheels delivered daily hot meals to senior neighbors.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the program has transitioned to the delivery of frozen meals once a week. In addition, fresh meals have also been added to delivery routes, based on the ever-evolving situation.

Are meals Delivered On-Demand or on a Set Schedule?
an alarm clock in front of a mealAll meals are delivered on a set schedule! This ensures that seniors are receiving the meals promptly and volunteers aren’t overextended. Please contact one of our partner organizations for more information about specific delivery schedules.
How Long Does it Take for the Meals to be Delivered?
an elderly man with a cane receives a meal deliveryOn average, the entire delivery route takes about an hour and a half.

When a new neighbor signs up for Meals on Wheels, in most cases, they can receive their meals as soon as the following week. However, In some areas, there is a waitlist since the need is greater than delivery volunteers and funding.

What Kind of Meals Will I Receive?
a variety of packaged mealsEach senior receives nutritional meals that are balanced and we avoid processed foods entirely. Meals vary, as there is an eight-week cycle for meal planning for frozen meals. A certified dietician nutritionist writes a new menu for these cycles quarterly, to allow for variety and seasonal changes.

A typical meal will include a protein, vegetables, fruits, a bread or grain, low-fat milk or milk alternative, and a dessert. All meals are prepared low sodium.

Meals on Wheels also does a senior satisfaction survey to gauge how well our seniors like the meals. We incorporate this feedback as much as possible!

What is the Nutritional Value of the Meals?
the nutritional information of a strawberryEach meal is designed to provide the recommended daily nutrient intake values for our seniors. Each meal meets a target value of minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. We also have a specific target for fats, sodium, and fiber.

It’s important to note that these guidelines are developed by expert nutritionists and dietitians. This includes all of our meals, and our Emergency Packs (E-Packs).

How Do You Acquire Your Meals?
All of our meals are prepared by a third party caterer, whom the Contra Costa County Senior Nutrition Program contracts with.
What are the Emergency Packs?
a man hands a package over a gate to an elderly womanEvery new client will receive an E-Packs when they sign up with Meals on Wheels!

E-Packs are shelf-stable meals, designed for our clients in case they need supplemental food. In Contra Costa, this can help when we experience wildfires or earthquakes. These meals have also been helpful in the case of other kinds of emergencies. In April 2020 every senior in our program received two extra E-Packs, to help them have extra meals at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency packs are given once a quarter to supplement the meals our seniors receive, usually around August.

Each E-pack contains:
• 3 tuna pouches
• 3 chicken pouches
• 3 assorted fruit cups
• 3 assorted applesauce cups
• 6 tomato juices
• 1 box of Wheat Thin crackers
• 6 meal kits
• 6 mayo packets
• 6 assorted drink mix packets

What Organizations Do You Subsidize Meals For?
WHAT ORGANIZATIONS DO YOU SUBSIDIZE MEALS FORMeals on Wheels of Contra Costa is the fundraising arm for the countywide Meals on Wheels program. We provide funding to the Contra Costa County Senior Nutrition Program to subsidize direct meal costs. The County then subcontracts with with three nonprofit organizations which deliver the meals and interact with our elderly neighbors. Each organization has a unique mission and promise, so check out their websites to learn more about them!

Meals on Wheels West Contra costa:

Originally founded by a reverend who helped serve meals out of the MacArthur Community Church, West County MOW now delivers meals to approximately 400 clients throughout West Contra Costa County.

Meals on Wheels Diablo Region:

MOW Diablo region focuses on meeting the needs of the whole person with a range of services they offer. Their mission is to help seniors live with dignity and independence in their own homes. MOWDR delivers Meals on Wheels to the Central and Eastern areas of Contra Costa County.


This organization’s focus is providing elder care to Japanese-Americans in our County, which includes culturally appropriate meals. As an organization, they support many activities, including a community center, meal delivery, classes and events, and much more.

Who Should I Call if I Don't Receive My Meals?
Old man talking with cellphone on wheelchairEach of our partners is responsible for meal deliveries in a different city in Contra Costa County.

For seniors who live in West County:
Richmond, North Richmond, Point Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, El Sobrante, Crockett, Rodeo Hercules, Port Costa, El Cerrito, & Kensington. Your contact is West County Meals on Wheels.

  • Their phone number is (510) 412-0166.


For seniors who live in Central or East County:
Concord, Martinez, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, Bay Point, Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Byron, Knightsen, Bethel Island, & Discovery Bay. Your contact is Meals on Wheels Diablo Region.

  • Their phone number is (925) 937-8607.

For seniors who are part of the J-SEI program:

  • Their phone number is (510) 654-4000 ext 105
How Can I Help Support Meals on Wheels?
Retired dame looking at loan payment date on laptop calendar“I fully support the mission and vision of Meals on Wheels. As a retired person on a fixed income, I donate what I can, when I can. Thank you for doing the compassionate and essential work you do.” – Meals on Wheels Donor

You can volunteer in our office to help with fundraising or apply to work as a delivery driver for our partners. They are always in need of dedicated, helpful volunteers to make deliveries and check up on our senior clients!

Help us provide meals to seniors in Contra Costa County!

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